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Imagine the power of the wind at your service for energy independence.

A wind turbine for energy independence in energy production and consumption, on sailboats, buildings, network pylons or any other place exposed to the wind.


Experience energy independence thanks to natural elements.

Energy independence that takes advantage of the wind at a domestic level, respectful of nature thanks to non-harmful and innovative techniques.

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The vertical wind turbine implies a wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation. The Philéole vertical axis wind turbine is of the Savonius type and operates on the principle of differential drag. The blades which present their concave face to the wind offer more resistance to the wind than those which present their convex face; this produces a differential torque which causes the propeller to rotate.

Philéole wind turbines are silent because, under no circumstances, the speed of the tip of the blades exceeds that of the wind (or very little), unlike the blades of horizontal axis propellers, the end of which can reach 6 to 7 times the speed of the wind whit that generate annoying whistles.

Lightweight and efficient

The very particular design of the blades and the air outlet vents, covered by patents in Europe, makes the Philéole propeller light and efficient. Its low weight only results in low tipping torque, even in an elevated position in the masts or on roofs.

Strong and resistant

The propeller is made of recycled bottles (PETG) in one piece or in blocks of three. The design is thick and rigid in the center, softer towards the periphery. It reduces centrifugal forces to better accommodate turbulent winds.


Of the Savonius type, our mini wind turbine has a vertical axis, which means that the peripheral speed at the end of the blade does not exceed that of the wind and avoids any whistling or noise.


The low tip speed and low inertia of the propeller (weight 6-7 kg) avoid any danger for the user as well as for birds or sails of sailing boats.

Reliable and space-saving

Its vertical axis makes the electricity production more regular because it is independent of the wind direction and vortices. The small size (800 mm x 300 mm) of our wind turbine allows it to be easily mounted on the top of a mast or on a roof.

We offer you a unique and successful product for independent and renewable energy production!

The Philéole wind turbine is ecological thanks to the materials used for its manufacture: recycled bottles (PETG) and aluminium accentuate the recyclable aspect of our wind turbine.

Philéole also emphasises the local aspect of its wind turbine: produced and designed in Europe, the Philéole wind turbine reduces the carbon footprint of the production, purchase of parts and transport of the wind turbine.



A. Noirmoutier

The happiness of finding every Saturday my batteries fully charged, ready to go to sea

This great navigator from Colombia

The joy of not having to run my engine twice an hour a day to produce the current I need

A. Noirmoutier

Your wind turbine is perfect in its design and on the aeraulic and electrical plans, the results are perfectly satisfactory… no noise even with a marina wind above 30N / m

La Trinité sur mer

Energy production exactly what I hoped for … no need to run the engine for an hour twice a day … a pleasure to find your sailboat in port batteries always charged

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