The Arch: 100 Solutions to accelerate the ecological transition

The Arch: 100 Solutions to accelerate the ecological transition

Philéole was one out of 100 participant Solutions to climate change at The Arch – “The European Event to Accelerate the Ecological Transition”.

The 100 Solutions and invited companies boarded the new cruise ship MSC Euribia, made with efforts to reduce carbon emissions, on the 1st and the 2nd of June. Prior to boarding, The Arch had sailed around Europe to gather Europe’s top one hundred Solutions in a trimaran. The event finished with The Arch’s disembarkation of Euribia on June 6th, heading for the Brussels government and the European Parliament to present the Solutions ahead of European Sustainable Energy Week.

The opening conference inspired all by providing an overview regarding the state of the planet as well as several calls to action. The Arch is “an example of what civil society can do” said one of the opening speakers, referring to the commitment from individuals and companies to be a part of the ecological transition. Navigator and ambassador of The Ach François Gabart has echoed this sentiment: “The emotion generated by an event allows us to put ourselves in a dynamic of actions. When we experience an emotion we become aware and we start moving”. Speakers in the opening conference included a representative from the IPCC, Open Lande, and Team for the Planet. Young and old came together to learn and discuss how to accelerate the ecological transition.

After a warm welcome by The Arch’s team, Philéole was invited to present the vertical mini-wind turbine. Two prototypes were present on the boat while the Philéole team explained the turbine and its use to participants on the boat. Additionally, Philéole’s CEO Jean-Luc Bodart was given the opportunity to present the turbine to French school children (see YouTube clip linked below).

A schedule was provided with talks and workshops aimed at gathering Solutions and companies to connect and to commit further to environmental sustainability. The Solutions were split into smaller groups where we were invited to examine our projects to identify areas for sustainable improvement. A holistic approach was encouraged, bringing together environmental sustainability and human well-being. The groups were supported to feel emotions and to share them. During the final day, the Solutions set tangible commitments for the future.

On the final day on board Euribia, it was announced that Philéole was selected as one of the eight Solutions presenting to the European Parliament on June 7th. First, Philéole, being a Belgian start-up, presented the vertical mini-wind turbine at the Brussels Government Environment Department on the 6th of June after day of disembarking Euribia and journeying to Brussels. The Arch’s Brussels delegation was welcomed by representatives from the Brussels Government and the EU Parliament at this evening event. The next morning, Philéole’s CEO Jean-Luc Bodart presented the wind turbine at the EU Parliament.

Philéole’s experience at The Arch was a true pleasure. New goals to improve the sustainability of the mini-wind turbine have been set, and the team gained strong connections and a fresh, inspired mindset. Thank you, The Arch!