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The “Tramontana” wind turbine is intended for landowners. 

Philéole designed this wind turbine for use on buildings, houses, and anywhere sufficiently exposed to the wind. It suits areas not easily connected to the electricity grid, on high-rise buildings, and at ports. The areas for use are limitless provided there is enough wind!

The triple mini-wind turbine of Philéole

The Philéole Triple “Tramontana” wind turbine maintains electricity production and allows batteries to be charged and/or electricity to be returned to the grid by use of an inverter.

Advantages of the “Tramontana” Wind Turbine

This quiet and efficient triple wind turbine has been designed to reduce dependence on the electricity grid on buildings. 

Quiet: The vertical axis wind turbine does not produce noise pollution unlike conventional (horizontal) wind turbines.

Efficient: The triple wind turbine gets its performance from its lower deflector which channels the wind to the turbines. The outer blades redirect the wind to the inner blade, thus increasing the efficiency of the whole system. The triple structure is equipped with a platform to accommodate a solar panel. All these features make for a high-performance product.

Discreet: The position of the wind turbines in a triangle makes it possible to create a wall of wind turbines and to concentrate the units on a smaller surface limiting visual pollution.

Light: Due to its small size, the structure is easy to install. Sold in kit or assembled, few technicians are needed to install it.

“The little we can do, the very little we can do, we must do”

Théodore Monod


Technical data

Two-bladed vertical wind turbine set – The “Tramontana”

Dimensions of the propellers: diameter 320 mm, height 900 mm, wind section 0.27 m2

Overall dimensions: length 2000 mm, width 1200 mm, height 1500 mm

Total weight: 150 kg

Starting from winds of 3 m/s (6kn)

Battery charge current in 19 m/s (37kn) wind: 10A (100 Watts) for a single wind turbine

Output voltage: 12 Volts (optional 24 or 48 Volts)

Power coefficient max. CP = 0.30 for winds of 16 m/s


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