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The “Tramontana” wind turbine is intended for owners of houses and buildings. 

Philéole designed this wind turbine for houses exposed to the wind and not easily connected to electricity networks, high-rise buildings, in town or in the countryside, the roof of harbor master’s offices along the sea or any other building.


The triple mini wind turbine of Philéole

Energy collected from the upper part of the houses throughout the year, the Philéole Triple “Tramontana” wind turbine maintains electricity production and allows batteries to be charged and / or electricity to be returned to the network, either directly or by connection to a photovoltaic installation.

Advantages of the “Tramontana” Wind Turbine

For production of electricity, all year round, in winter as in summer, day and night.

Quiet : of the Savonius type, the three-bladed “Tramontana” wind turbine has a vertical axis. The peripheral speed at the tip of the blade does not exceed that of the wind, which prevents any whistling.

Vibration-free and turbulence-free : the choice of using three blades instead of two and their helical design made it possible, through wind tunnel testing to support, to avoid vibrations. The absence of vibrations makes fixing the wind turbine on roofs easy and safe. 

Lightweight and efficient : the very particular design of the blades and air outlet vents, covered by patent, makes the “Tramontana” propeller light and efficient. Its low weight only results in low tilting torque, even in the raised position. 

Strong and resistant : Its design is thick and rigid in the center, more flexible towards the periphery. It reduces centrifugal forces to better cope with turbulent winds. the “Tramontana” has been tested in a wind tunnel up to winds of 25 m / s (90 km / hour, 48 kn) without damage or significant loss of performance.

Safe : the low speed at the tip of the blade and the reduced inertia of the propeller (weight: 4kg) prevent any danger for the user as well as for birds or insects. 

Reliable and space-saving : its vertical axis makes electricity production more regular because it is independent of the direction of the wind and vortices. Its small dimensions allow mounting at the top of a roof.

No coupling : 100% of the electricity production is sent through the connection cables

“The little we can do, the very little we can do, we must do”

Théodore Monod

Technical information

The vertical wind turbine is easily placed on the roof, on the top of a fireplace or in a corner of the garden.

the connection to the electrical network is simple and can be coupled with the connection of a photovoltaic installation. 


Technical data

Three-bladed wind turbine with vertical axis Philéole

Dimensions of the propellers: diameter 300 mm, height 800 mm, wind section 0.24 m2

Overall dimensions: length 1400 mm, width 800 mm, height 1427 mm

Total weight: 30 kg


Triple star wind turbine 

Dimensions of the propellers: diameter 300 mm, height 800 mm, wind section 0.24 m2

Overall dimensions: diameter 920 mm, height 993 mm (plan in appendix)

Total weight: 30 kg


Starting from winds of 3 m / s (6kn)

Battery charge current in 19 m / s (37kn) wind: 7 A (100 Watts) for a single wind turbine

Output voltage: 12 Volts (optional 24 or 48 Volts)

Power coefficient max. Cp = 0.21 for winds of 16 m / s (31kn)

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